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Audio & Lighting

We install full LED stage and hall lighting systems using, amongst other types,  the Chamsys QuickQ10 lighting desk which offers intuitive setup and user capability. Also we can install public address and full sound installations to your Hall or Theatre.

We also install the Optima range of 4K 1080P range of projectors along with remote electric screens

Abacus Stagetech offers the same attention to detail with every job.

We  are a small and friendly professional company who are knowledgeable, helpful and practical. We will offer you the most affordable and useable solutions depending on your budget and  – importantly – matching the level of technical expertise in your organisation.

The next time you’re considering an investment  please call us for an on site discussion.

Abacus Stagetech Newmarket

We have been installing audio systems and DMX controlled LED lighting systems for many years and because we try to work in consultation with the end user whether that is a Drama Teacher or Music Teacher or Headteacher, we do not try and over complicate things.

At the end of the day we know that there is also a chance  children or third party users will be operating the equipment so it needs to be geared for the level of expertise they have.

Similarly if you , as teacher, want to easily and without too much fuss create a lighting scene for a lesson, you just don’t want to spend hours with an operating manual trying to remember from the last time how to set the system up!

That is why we keep it at a level you are comfortable with.

There are so many options available these days that a relatively inexpensive  DMX desk and a series of LED Par Cans and Fresnels can give you an amazing capability in the average classroom and studio.

Alternatively if you are  a Technical Professional and require a fully integrated multi channel desk with dimmer packs and full theatre lighting setup then we are as at home with that as well and will send an appropriately experienced person to have the discussion.

Abacus Stagetech Plymouth University
Abacus Stagetech Colchester


We have now been appointed as distributors for PROLiTE LITEDECK modular school stages and can now supply Stages to school which are mostly of modular construction for easy assembly and storage.

Either a covered rubberised top or natural wood can be supplied. They are light, easy to assemble, easy to store away afterwards. Ideal for Schools, Village Halls and Community Halls.

Abacus Stagetech Glasgow
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