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Curtain Tracks


Abacus Stagetech will use only the very best curtain track and curtain suspension systems from companies such as:

  • Triple E
  • Goelst
  • Silentgliss
  • Yewdale
  • Halls Stage
  •  Mottura
  •  Doughty

We will specify exactly the right track to suit your own circumstances depending on your curtain weights, track fitting location, manual or electrical options.

We install walkalong, corded or motorised options in light, medium and heavy duty options – depending on your requirement.

We have track systems which can be curved to enable continuous perimeter drapery to be installed, such as in Drama Studio  and Dance Studio.

We can also repair and refurbish your existing curtain tracks and possibly save you money by bringing back to life an old track system, assuming spare parts are obtainable.

DGH 20 Motor Abacus Stagetech

Electrically operated systems are being increasingly specified and we can fit a brand new Halls T60 track with DGH20 track motor.

We also supply and fit Mottura and Goelst electric track systems

Alternatively and depending on the requirement, we also can supply and fit a Doughty Six Track with Doughty cord driven electric motor system.

These all can be operated by wall switch or  by wireless remote control.

Abacus Stagetech Mottura Teatro
Abacus Stagetech Triple E Chain Track

All our curtain track systems can carry Stage Curtains, Theatre Curtains, Drama Studio Curtains, Auditorium Curtains and School Hall Curtains.

We carry out re cording and re wiring of your Stage Curtain Tracks.

We repair stage winding mechanisms.

We can fix that tangled mess of wire resulting from a winding handle coming undone!

Abacus Stagetech Mottura
Abacus Stagetech Goelst Electric


Have you got this? We can fix it

We fit electric motors to curtain tracks, we fit belt drive track systems. We can carry out full refurbishment of your stage tracks.


Please use our pdfs

Doughty Rail

Round 464

Separè 458

Silent Gliss 1280

Silent Gliss 3840

Sipario 202

Teatro 404

TripleE 2WAY

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