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Abacus Stagetech are the acknowledged experts in the design and installation of school curtains, drama studio curtains, village hall curtains  and auditorium curtains. We dedicate ourselves to the manufacture and installation of high quality bespoke made-to-measure curtains and with over twenty years experience we will be delighted to assist you with any project you may have.

Contact us today and we will come and discuss your next project.

  • Stage Curtains
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Drama Studio Curtains
  • Acoustic Sound Absorbing curtains
  • Village Hall Curtains
  • Theatre curtains
  • Room Divider Curtains
  • Stage Legs
  • Stage Borders
  • Dance Studio Curtains
  • Cyclorama
  • School Stage Curtains
  • Cleaning and Fireproofing of Curtains on-site
Abacus Stagetech London Metropolitan University
Abacus Stagetech Goole

We manufacture black wool serge curtains, BoltonTwill curtains and Kilo wool serge acoustic curtains  – both of which are heavyweight, and ideal sound absorbing material.

Using either black wool serge or kilo wool serge can dramatically reduce echo and reverberation in a room.

Velvet Velour is ideal for Stage Curtains and provides a good level of sound deadening whilst always draping beautifully. This can be enhanced by finishing with weighted hems and a good quality FR lining.

Quite often we will use Dimalan or Lanvera or Nulan or other woven materials such as Budlan or Bolton Twill

All the fabrics we use will be flameproofed in accordance with BS 5867 Part 2

Abacus Stagetech Sunderland
Abacus Stagetech Shropshire

Budlan is a very cost effective fabric to use, as is Bolton Twill and we will tend to use these on stage for legs, rear stage curtains or borders, or for perimeter curtaining.

For situations where blackout is required in a room, such as School Hall Windows, Auditorium Curtains or School Science Labs we have Premier Blackout, which gives 100% total blackout.

We purchase our fabrics from companies such as JC Joel, Whaleys, JD McDougall, Pinewood, Prestigious Textiles,  SMD, Bennetts Silks, Panaz, GP & J Baker, ROMO, Zoffany, Designers Guild.

Abacus Stagetech Chesham
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