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Blinds for Schools

Abacus Stagetech specialise in the supply and installation blinds for schools or Village Halls or Offices. Our 100% blackout cassette blinds can be chain operated or crank operated or remote control electric. Ideal for blacking out Science Labs, Drama Studio or School Halls.

We carry a huge range of blackout, dim-out and solar control materials and we have introduced a new range of sustainable fabrics manufactured from re-useable plastics.

Abacus Stagetech Liverpool
Abacus Stagetech Haslemere

We use materials with a backing which is specifically designed to control the ingress of sunlight by means of sun filtering, dim-out or total blackout.

We also sell blinds which have metal solar reflective backings, these are Energy Saver blinds and they will actively filter the light and reduce heat in a room, also reducing the damaging effects of sunlight on furnishings and carpet.

We also sell screen fabrics which have a fine 1% or 5% or 10% gradient of backing which allows more or less light in. These are called Technical Fabrics and are slightly more expensive but very useful where you wish see out but prevent people outside from seeing in. Also they are excellent for controlling light and sun ingress.

Abacus Stagetech Windermere

We also manufacture roller blinds specifically for the home entertainment sector. These will have specially developed and back coated materials for use with audio visual equipment.

Our blinds are remote control electrically operated by either 240v mains installation or long life battery. We can also supply blinds with a sidewinder chain mechanism, or a crank handle for larger installations.

We manufacture blackout cassette blinds in a range of colours and designed specifically for schools, universities or even the home. As the material runs in a fully enclosed metal cassette it will totally block out any sunlight.

Abacus Stagetech Warwick
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